Where to find Fluorescent Minerals


Fluorescent Minerals can be found all over the world.  There is not one place on earth that you will not find fluorescent rocks no matter how remote.  While most people may not have access to some of the most remote places you can still find locations that perhaps no one has yet discovered.  The best places to go are old or active mines or quarries.  Almost every town or city has a nearby rock quarry and rock is constantly mined for mostly road gravel.  Of course you will need permission but most places do offer field trips as part of their public relations. 

Any location that was once a mine has a possibility to have fluorescent minerals.   DO NOT go into old mines as they are very dangerous and you can lose your life! Instead look at the tailings,  these are rocks piles taken out of the mine that was considered waste rock.  You would be amazed on what you will find.  The best time of course to go would be at night but be aware of your surroundings as open pits can be around presenting yet another danger.

For local locations check near by creek beds.  Dried up creek beds are also a great place to rocks that may glow.  Anywhere where the earth has been dug up or moved around will be a prime location.  If you choose not to want to find your own there are several locations you can visit that have plenty for you to choose from.  Two locations in New Jersey USA are the Sterling Hill Mining Museum and the Franklin Mineral Museum.  These two locations are only about a hour from the big apple New York City.  They offer daily tours during the open season and have literately hundreds of tons of fluorescent rocks.  A very unique and enjoy experience to visit these two locations that are only a few miles from each other. 

Ebay is yet another location where you will be able to find hundreds of different types of fluorescent rocks from around the world.  You will find amazing colors and sizes from all over the world.  And don’t forget we have or soon to have several choices of fine specimens on our website!  Enjoy! www.ultraviolet-tools.com

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