How to create a fluorescent mineral display


By: Tony Mancini                                                       A common question I have received over the years is how can I make my own fluorescent mineral display.  Very commonly collectors will build a great collection but have no way to show it off.  Many collections remain in boxes in the closet and under the bed.  I’ve always recommended very affordable ways collectors can show off their collections to their friends and family by using cases already out on the market. 

Terrariums are a great way to display your collection.  That come enclosed in glass and with a top wire mesh cover that can hold your lamp.  They can be found at most pet stores like Pets Mart.  The price range vary from 60 to 125 dollars.  We use to offer these cases for our customers but found it very difficult to ship a glass case without it being damaged so we stopped.  We can offer the acrylic stand steps to place your rocks and plan to do so in the near future.  You can also call or email us if you need them sooner.

If you are a beginner on a tighter budget consider getting a 10 gallon fish tank from Walmart for about 15 dollars and then buying the wire mesh cover at your local pet store or online.  This will allow you to show off those magic rocks to all your friends who will think you painted them! ;0)

Last but not least you can always contact your local rock club and ask them where did they purchase their display cases.  These “standard” confederate cases are normally 4x4x3 feet in size.  From what I’m away of not company actually makes these cases but are hand made.  If your able to afford a few hundred dollars this would be the best way to go!

If you are looking for display steps for your case you can contact me directly at

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