Super Dig 2015 Ogdensburg, New Jersey Sterling Hill Mining Museum

The 2015 Super dig at the Sterling Hill Mining Museum was another rocking success.  Over 300 visitors came from around the world to experience the super dig and visit the mining museum.  Visitors were treated to a array of tours during the day and hunted for fluorescent minerals at night.  Dozens of people preferred to also hunt for fluorescent rocks during the day and were able to pick out what they wanted by visiting one of the many dark tents to see what treasures were found.

The tours available were the upper mine tour,  the trotter tunnel tour, the lower mine tour, and the blackout tour.  The blackout tour allowed visitors to be able to bring their own “blacklights” (shortwave UV lamps) into the mine and light up the walls as they ventured deep into the mine.  It can be said there is no place on earth quite as unique as visiting Sterling HIll Mine.  Your giving up close access to see how the miners worked extracting zinc ore from the earth.  The experience is certainly something that should be on everyone’s bucket list!

A dedicated website  has been dedicated to this event.  Here you can gather all the information you need if you plan on visiting in 2016.  Several photos of people at the dig are also available for you to enjoy.  2016 promises to be a amazing new experience with the help of UV Tools.   Even if you have been several times in the past the new opportunities promise to bring a entire new rockhounding adventure than before.
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