2015 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

Tucson_Gem_and_Mineral_Show_TMThe 2015 Tucson Gem and Mineral show is the annual gem show from which vendors from around the world and buyers come to find the best specimens on the planet.  The show consists of approximately 33 hotels hosting dealers from around the world and the convention center hosting the main show. Every year you can expect to find newly discovered specimens from different locations across the planet.  The show starts officially Feb1 through the 14th but the savvy collector will get there a few days early and beat out other buyers before the shows officially start.   The Tucson Gem show is much more than a collectors paradise but a show where one can find world class precious gemstones and metals from around the world.  Its not uncommon to also find jewelry value into the hundreds of thousands at the show as well.  High end jewelry is very common if you know which show to attend!

The world of fluorescent minerals has a very small representation with only a couple of dealers displaying their fluorescent minerals for sale.  The positive is there are many dealers who don’t have a clue that their specimens glow under UV light.  This allows the savvy glow hound to seek out fabulous specimens.  If you ever visit a gem and minerals be sure to bring along your UV lamp and check out the rocks on display.  You would be surprised to find how many rocks actually are fluorescent, but remember 90% of fluorescent minerals do need shortwave UV in order to glow!

If you have never visited the Tucson show be sure to place it on your bucket list.  If you do have spare time do visit the Titian Missile Museum, or the Tucson air museum, or even Tombstone Arizona which is only about one hour away from Tucson.

We were fortunate enough to have made a few new contacts and brought back some very nice specimens from Mexico, California, and Canada.  Do check our fluorescent mineral category few new specimens for sale here shortly.